Pool steel wall pool set height 0.90m - circular tanks from Ø 2.00 m


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Pool steel wall pool set height 0.90m - circular tanks from Ø 2.00 m

Round - pools for embedding into the ground depth of 0,90m, massive handrail in blue, film in blue 0.6mm thickness
blue - for the rich depth of the ocean - Made in Germany

Our Hobby Swimming pool kits are exclusively equipped with high-quality products, whose quality we are sure. Compare not only the price, compare the qualities. Because, as the saying goes: "Who buys cheap, often buys twice". Quality that convinces - Made in Germany


Steel shell electroplated galvanized steel wall at depth 0.9m = 0.40mm - protective finish interior, exterior plastic coating

UV-resistant and weather-resistant, tear-resistant and durable inner sleeve in the thickness 0.6 mm - in blue.
Very solid plastic - Standard handrail in blue.

We recommend a concrete floor slab and underground installation a lean concrete backfill. All round basin are suitable as installation and deep pools.

Skimmerstanzungen for Einbauskimmer and inlet nozzle without extra charge. Please specify when ordering.

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