100 years of history on the water, earth and air The company Zodiac Pool Care Europe is part of the global Zodiac Group. The Zodiac Saga: passions, the only effort Developed water - since the company's founding in 1896, the Zodiac has innovative and powerful technologies, around the elements of air and - in later years. The pioneering idea, market intuition and the constant quest for improvement were the themes that have shaped the company and have made it what it is today. Although the rise of the Zodiac Group in large part to the deployment of personnel and economic and social conditions is attributed to the original offense but sprang to the will of its founder, Maurice Mallet. This young man who wanted to become a painter, discovered during a balloon flight at Issy-les-Moulineaux, 1879 groundbreaking connections between air, gas, heat, and thermal buoyancy. From then on he was fascinated by the subject, and devoted the rest of his life to the Ballonbau. Consequently, he founded several years after its discovery, together with the pilot Paul Jovis, the company "Union Aéronautique de France". It started with the Aeronautical Engineering The Zodiac saga began at the end of the 19th Century in Paris, Maurice Mallet as the company "Mallet, Melandri and Pitray" founded. The company specialized in the development and construction of hot air balloons and airships. The balloons were happy and often used as part of fairs, exhibitions and in the vicinity of tourist resorts and received so much attention. This paid off final at the World Exhibition in Paris in 1900 from where the visitors the hot air balloons, including the meteorological instruments and other technical equipment admired. Henceforth, Maurice Mallet was with his company as one of the world's two major balloon manufacturer. With this success behind the Mallet also turned increasingly to large commercial companies and offered there in a completely innovative advertising medium: the airship. Mallet drove the Ballonbau moving forward and named the company in 1909 in order to "Société Zodiac, anciens établissements Aéronautiques Maurice Mallet" - the name Zodiac was born. This coincided with the construction of the first Zodiac airship, the "Zodiac I". The name Zodiac headed mallet from the word "signs of Zodiac," from the English word for the word "zodiac", a name that clearly closely with the sky and dirigibles is thus connected. The choice of an English brand name was no accident, but it corresponds perfectly with the trend and style of this era. Observation balloons, parachutes, airships ... The outbreak of World War I temporarily slows the growth and diversification of the company that makes its production at this time solely in the service of military aviation material. Even after the death of Maurice Mallet in 1926, the passion remains the driving force behind the company, which now wants to tap into other areas. Thus, in 1934 the famous two-man dinghy launched, the Zodiac brand contributes to a considerable reputation in this new division. Since then further developed Zodiac resistant, many innovative and successful products are introduced, many of them protected by patents. The company knows how to take trends from the society and thus opening up more business areas such as the parachute or the pool business. Innovation at the heart of our strategy In more than 100 years, Zodiac has developed a reputation as an innovative company. To strengthen this reputation further, our research and development departments are constantly working on the development of innovative technologies and product solutions. We want to offer you modern, advanced products that make your job easier and provide you maximum comfort. In detail, we focus on the following points: Strong technical innovation - Design and development by our R & D departments, which is dedicated to 100% of innovation. - Registration of numerous patents. Rigorous, comprehensive product tests - Material, functional, long-term tests, etc. in the laboratory - Product testing at the customer site Strict adherence to safety standards - CE marking, which requires compliance with the following guidelines: Electromagnetic Compatibility 2004/108/EC, 2006/95/EC Low Voltage - External monitoring by independent testing authorities (eg TÜV) Commitment to environmental protection - Application of WEEE / DEEE 2002/96 recycling of WEEE - Implementation of Directive 2002/95/EC ROHS for eliminating harmful substances in electrical and electronic equipment - Recycling and recycling of production waste True Quality Policy - Quality assurance of the acceptance of raw materials to delivery of the final product > Documentation and recording of the parameters and controls > 100% control at the end of the production line - Constant quest for improvement Our latest product innovations: 2009: Launch of the egg, the first assembly-free salt electrolysis device thanks & Quick Fix system, protected by numerous international patents 2009: Introduction of Vortex3, the first cleaning robot with cyclone technology, protected by 15 international patents. Our offices in Europe: The manufacture, assembly, packaging and customer service for all our equipment is spread over three sites in France: Lyon, Toulouse and Angers. Subsidiaries in Spain, Italy and Germany and a sales office in the UK market our products throughout Europe.

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