The northern Eifel workshops have a wide range of jobs. We provide each person with a disability in a job suited to his aptitude, inclination and capability. We employ more than 1,000 employees and are one of the largest employers in the district of Euskirchen.\n\nSauna\n\nLogs sauna supernatant\nAll operational decisions from the sourcing of intermediate products, the planning of the production process and the production volume to marketing are taken from the northern Eifel workshops themselves.\n\nThis is given to the quality of manufactured products sauna special value. The entire production process right through to packaging is subject to continuous quality control.\n\nInfrared cabin\nSaunas and infrared cabins\nThe northern Eifel workshops produce the entire range of available products in sauna, and of course everything \"Made in USA.\" Such diverse activities for the staff employed by the production of various products offered sauna.\n\nThe quality in terms of timber used and processing is higher than the level known from hardware stores and eastern imports. Not only standard sizes produce the employees, including productions at the level set for employees of the North Eifel workshops no special challenge\n\nDoors\nIn addition to the saunas in the North Eifel workshops per year over 1000 Sauna doors - not only for their own use - produced. The construction of the sauna door is one of the most difficult trades in the sauna and production requires experience and a corresponding technical know-how.\n\nAccessories\nA wide palette of sauna accessories are also produced in the northern Eifel workshops. Sauna benches in various widths and lengths, sauna headrests, sauna lamps and other accessories such as stools are included.\n\nSales\nThe distribution of NEW-sauna products made exclusively through retailers. The sauna products in the northern Eifel workshops are positioned in specialized shops in the middle and upper price segment and allow the stores to its range with a made in Germany, and sound quality well-made sauna embody.\nThe dealer network covers the northern Eifel workshops all over Germany. Saunas in the North Eifel workshops are also exported to Europe and beyond.\n\nThe workshops are regularly Nordeifel their products at major trade shows to the interested audience.

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