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First to be. This is not only in ABATEC slogan but a living philosophy. "We do it first" means to have the courage to tackle the first new, unconventional ways to go ahead and use this effectively. In the interest of the customer. ABATEC thinks not only with, but ahead of developments and proactively brings with visionary power to the road. Challenges early on. To investigate where it makes most sense to be first on the market with new solutions. It connects us. The ambition of the researcher meets the needs of the customer. To be a pioneer. New markets with innovative products. Succeed. So do our customers. We look for you in the future design, sketching visions and the way there. Be the first to create and implement innovations quickly and flexibly to this claim we make on ourselves, we take the leadership role and want to prove our expertise in solving unique results. As a reliable partner, we combine the technological lead with the highest quality. For the power of vision comes from its dynamics and its verification in practice. We do it first. For our customers.

Sauna heater "Mini"

Sauna heater "Mini"

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