In Blumenberg one is dedicated to the sympathetic material wood body and soul. For over 100 years, we produce Böttchereiprodukte.\nWe have been supplying for decades including nearly all major manufacturers and distributors in the sauna industry throughout Europe with proven our quality products.\nIn our traditional workshop but we have above all the necessary flexibility to be able to go alongside our proven standard product range to individual customer needs.\n\nWe rely on our products mainly Kambala and larch wood one. Both species have a very high natural resistance. Kambala is a bit darker and harder than larch, has a more uniform texture and is more resistant. Our Kambala wood is from Ghana and is harvested as well as our native larch wood in sustainable forestry.\nFor very large showers and sauna and bath tubs (up to Ø 250 cm), we additionally set a Western Red Cedar because of the minimal swelling / shrinking behavior.\nThrough the use of moisture-sealing hygiene and restressable strip steel vats and vats of our tires are extremely easy to care and permanently watertight.\n(So ​​you can use any commercially available as bath and bath sprays).\nWith minimal moisture fluctuations our tubs and tubs have a basically unlimited life.\nOur bath tubs, we offer an alternative to hygienic coating also treated with a natural vegetable-hard wax oil satin finish.

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